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Hailed by Israel’s Ministry of Education as the most important Jewish educational program today, I BELONG ISRAEL (Masa Israeli), a transformative, week-long journey across Israel’s landscapes and historical sites, is taking decisive action to strengthen the Jewish, Zionist, and  Israeli identity of Israeli Society and Diaspora communities.  

Since its founding, more than 330,000 Israeli and Diaspora youth and adults have embarked on this life-altering program. Under the leadership of Masa Israeli president Eliezer Shkedy, a former commander in the Israel Air Force, the organization aims to reach more individuals and new audiences.


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Journeys 2,500
Schools 500
Participants 340,000
Years 17

Journey of
discovery & connection



“For years I defended Israel as a soldier. Today, I believe that we must also invest on the educational front. Equally important to Israel’s resilient future is a strong Jewish and Zionist identity.”


Gen. (res.) Eliezer Shkedy, I BELONG ISRAEL President

“Strengthening the values of Zionism and Judaism among our youth and expanding the I BELONG ISRAEL program is one of the Ministry of Education’s most important objectives.”


Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister

I BELONG ISRAEL is the heart of our education. Through hands-on experienece, I BELONG ISRAEL is strengthening the Jewish, Zionist, and Israeli identity of our youth.”


Naftali Bennett, Former Prime Minister

I BELONG ISRAEL is a fundamental building block to Israel’s resilience.”


Moshe Yaalon, Former Minister of Defense
In memory of Rabbi Lord J...

Masa Israeli mourns the death of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, member of the International Board of Masa Israeli and in rec...

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“Since I returned from the I BELONG ISRAEL (Masa Israeli) journey I have become a kinder and more tolerant individual, a more active citizen, a more knowledgeable Jew and a person who without a doubt is more motivated to defend and serve the State of Israel.”


Neta, student

 “ I BELONG ISRAEL (Masa Israeli) engages Israeli youth at the most pivotal stage in life – prior to their service in the IDF, prior to adulthood, helping them to understand their role in Israel’s complex society and instilling Zionist, Jewish, and pluralistic values.”


High School Head Master, Dimona
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