I BELONG ISRAEL for the private sector - מסע ישראלי

I BELONG ISRAEL for the private sector

I BELONG ISRAEL for the private sector focuses on self, group, communities and organizational empowerment. I BELONG ISRAEL facilitates a values-based discussion that encourages a stronger feeling of belonging and cohesion, encouraging individuals to take responsibility for themselves, the organizations they work in, and society at large.

Every I BELONG ISRAEL journey is unique, tailored to each specific organization, its needs, its goals, and its target audience. The journey experience for each individual involves a deep, internal examination of the individual, the company he works in, his surrounding community, and the State of Israel. The process of clarification surrounding one’s personal and professional identity leads to personal empowerment and stronger group identification through value-based discourse that touches on a wide range of meaningful issues faced by Israeli society.  During the journey, the group visits some of the most significant landmarks in the history of the Jewish people.

The journey involves a well-planned powerful dialogue and an intense experience. The participants are transformed. We invite you to generate a unique and bonding experience in the life of your organization by creating a partnership that will initiate a value change for Israeli society and the Jewish people.

Target population:

  • Company employees from all departments
  • Large and small businesses
  • All sectors
  • Senior management – emphasis on leadership
  • Companies that have a social agenda and encourage volunteerism


  • Meaningful experience within a short time
  • Strengthens individual identity and empowers employees
  • An individual and group process that strengthens organization identity
  • Encourages value-based discussion leading to a better organizational environment
  • Encourages cooperation and team work
  • Strengthens the feeling of belonging to the organization
  • Strengthens the feeling of belonging to Israeli society and the State of Israel
  • Strengthens mutual understanding between groups with different backgrounds
  • An intense and powerful experience — just one day away from the office


  • 1-5 days
  • Full room and board, transportation, guides, medical and security requirements, entrance to tourist sites, evening activities, T-shirts, diaries.

For further details please contact Orly Rozenbaum: 9722-588-7893 or orly@masaisraeli.org

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