I BELONG ISRAEL (Masa Israeli) for IDF commanders is designed to empower the participants as future commanders in the military, through strengthening their sense of belonging and responsibility to the land, the people and State of Israel. Since its inception in 2009, more than 35,000 IDF personnel from command courses have participated in the program.

The week-long I BELONG ISRAEL journey for the IDF is built on a continuum of experiential and challenging activities in parallel to dynamic group discussion circles. These allow the participants to experience a relevant and deep personal and group examination of the essence of their unique identities as Israelis and Jews in the chain of generations and its significance for them as soldiers and commanders in the Israel Defense Forces.

Following the I BELONG ISRAEL journey, soldiers continue their military service inspired with a sense of national, Jewish and Zionist identity. They have gained a deeper understanding of the significance of serving as soldiers in the army of the State of Israel. The I BELONG ISRAEL journey strengthens their identification with the IDF and the State, makes their military service more meaningful, and influences them as citizens who will shape the image and future of the State of Israel.


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