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About Us

I BELONG ISRAEL (Masa Israeli) strengthens Jewish and Zionist identity and commitment to the land and people of Israel by immersing participants in a personal, emotional, physical and educational journey across Israel’s landscapes and historical sites.

I BELONG ISRAEL (Masa Israeli) is a national, educational organization, fully mandated by the Israel’s Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Defense and the Israel Defense Forces.

Hailed by Israel’s Ministry of Education as one of the most important Jewish educational programs today, I BELONG ISRAEL (Masa Israeli), a transformative, 6-day, Jewish heritage journey across Israel’s landscapes and historical sites, is taking decisive action to strengthen the Jewish identity of Israeli people & Diaspora Jews.

The program’s proven results have been documented and published by Professor Gad Yair, head of the NCJW Research Center for Innovation in Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who writes, “The unique components of the Masa Israeli journey and their integration create powerful experiences that influence, and even change, participants’ perception of identity as well as preconceived ideas relating to their personal and social spheres.” 



The I BELONG ISRAELI Masa Itinerary at a Glance

Day 1: The Individual – Personal goals and aspirations
Day 2: The Group – Cooperation and communication skills, group interaction
Day 3: Community – Volunteer activities in underprivileged areas, the power of giving
Day 4: The Land of Israel – Our story begins long before 1948
Day 5: The State of Israel – Connection and commitment to the State of Israel
Day 6: Jewish identity and Connection to the Jewish People

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