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I BELONG ISRAEL (Masa Israeli) is an innovative, six-day educational, experiential journey across the land of Israel designed to reinforce individual and Jewish identity for Israeli youth and to connect them to their own communities as well as to the people, the land and the State of Israel.

This unique journey provides participants with a powerful, life-changing experience which is unique in the context of educational tours in Israel as it brings together the educational guidance team, the teachers and the participants in a holistic, unfolding process.

The Educational Program

The journey begins from the north or south of Israel (depending on the location of the school), continues through the coastal plain, and culminates in an ascent to Jerusalem.  The daily geographic itinerary corresponds to a purposeful thematic progression surrounding the six circles of identity.

Starting with the focus on the individual, participants first look inward, each day building and questioning the make-up of their identity. Who am I? Who is this group of people that I interact with each day? They then slowly move outward, looking at the big picture. Are they part of something bigger? What are their thoughts about Community, Country, and the Jewish People?


The I BELONG ISRAEL (Masa Israeli) Itinerary at a Glance

Day 1: The Individual – Personal goals and aspirations

Day 2: The Group – Cooperation and communication skills, group interaction

Day 3: The Community – Volunteer activities in underprivileged areas, the power of giving

Day 4: The Land of Israel – Our story begins long before 1948

Day 5: The State of Israel – Connection and commitment to the State of Israel

Day 6: Jewish identity and Connection to the Jewish People


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